Business Management Development Programme

Business Management Development Programme

Complexity Level of Programme: Second Year Post Matric


This Skills Programme is offered in partnership with a leading manufacturing institute.


This Skills Programme is designed to meet the needs of Middle Management operating within different spheres within and across sectors. This Skills Programme is a modularised programme, which is offered on a part-time basis. Modules are scheduled where the minimum group size has been achieved. This Skills Programme offers flexibility in that learners can link on at any of the modules. This Skills Programme comprises various modules as outlined below. Details of each of the Modules are available upon request. All modules are credited onto the Management Development Programme offered through the same institution.


Learning Modules:

  1. Integrated Operations Management: 32 Hours
  2. Labour Relations: 24 Hours
  3. Finance for Non-Financial Manager: 39 Hours
  4. Marketing Principles and Customer Relationship Management: 36 Hours
  5. Human Resource Management for Non-Practitioners: 24 Hours
  6. Contemporary Management: 39 Hours
  7. Project Management: 39 Hours