Domestic Sewing Machine Skills

Domestic Sewing Machine Skills

NQF Level:            1

Credits:                46


This Skills Programme is designed specifically for learners working in the informal sector who are currently operating, or who wish to start, their own garment making business.


Learning Outcomes:


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the National Qualifications Framework and plan and compile a Career Pathway
  2. Demonstrate an ability to write and present a simple Business Plan
  3. Perform a range of operations including preparation of patterns, preparation of cut fabric parts, assembling of cut parts using a domestic lockstitch sewing machine in order to make a minimum of two basic products
  4. Finish, press and examine completed products
  5. Demonstrate an ability to cost garments
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of customer requirements and the principles associated with selling of products
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of how to plan and manage personal finances