National Certificate: Sewing Machine Mechanic

National Certificate: Sewing Machine Mechanic

NQF Level:            3

Credits:                122


The qualification is applicable to people across the Clothing, Textile, Footwear and Leather sectors as the fundamental, core and elective components deal with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes required by all sewing machine mechanics in the sector. This qualification will assist in reducing high costs related to unnecessary machine and equipment maintenance and breakdown. Learners completing this qualification will deal with specific sewing machine maintenance and repair processes relative to specific sewing machine types.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Maintain, service and repair a range of sewing machinery and equipment, including Lockstitch Sewing Machines and Overlock Sewing Machines
  2. Describe and identify raw materials, lubricants and chemicals commonly used in the Clothing sector.
  3. Use and maintain a range of hand or power tools applicable for sewing machines.
  4. Comply with quality and waste reduction practices.
  5. Demonstrate understanding of mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and electronic concepts.
  6. Demonstrate understanding of the importance of relationships and ensuring sound communications when interacting with various departments.
  7. Perform calculations relevant to different processes in the sewing environment.
  8. Demonstrate the ability to install sewing machine attachments, guides and folders
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of Fundamental Communication as it pertains to language skills, processes, knowledge and practices
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental Mathematical Literacy as it pertains to a range of computational skills