Quality and Finishing

Quality and Finishing

NQF Level:           2

Credits:                46


This Skills Programme is geared toward existing operators working within the Finishing department, inclusive of Quality Examiners and Quality Control Personnel. This Skills Training Programme will provide the learner with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively finish, examine and dispatch garments.  This Skills Programme will also equip learners with the necessary knowledge required to demonstrate an understanding of quality procedures and practices.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to perform a range of pressing operations on finished garments
  2. Demonstrate an ability to examine, check, inspect and dispose of finished garments
  3. Perform a range of despatching operations including kimbling, bagging, sorting, picking and packing according to specified method, quality and time standards
  4. Apply safety standards when operating finishing equipment and machinery
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of quality requirements, specifications and instructions
  6. Identify and analyse quality faults and take the appropriate corrective action in line with company standards