Sewing and Productivity

Sewing and Productivity

NQF Level:           2

Credits:                46


This Skills Programme is geared toward existing Sewing Machine Operators whom would like to accumulate credits toward a nationally recognised qualification. This Skills Programme will provide learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to utilise a range of sewing machines and perform a range of operations as determined through a Skills Matrix. Learners completing this Skills Programme will effectively undergo a cross training and multi-skilling intervention at plant level. This Skills Programme will also equip learners with the necessary knowledge required to demonstrate an understanding of productivity processes and practices.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to operate a minimum of three sewing machine types as determined through a Skills Matrix
  2. Demonstrate an ability to perform five operations as determined through a Skills Matrix
  3. Perform basic machine settings
  4. Apply safety standards when operating sewing machines
  5. Apply the correct method and time standards for joining component parts as determined by company standards
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of productivity requirements and targets as they pertain to inputs, outputs and resources in the workplace