Supervisory Development

Supervisory Development

NQF Level:           1

Credits:                46


This Skills Programme is geared toward Line Supervisors and Team Leaders that play a vital role in maximising the potential of the workforce within an organisation. It is similarly geared toward Set Leaders and individuals who are potentially being groomed for the role of Supervisor. The Skills Programme is designed to equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge required to plan, organise, lead and control a Team within the workplace environment.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to plan and compile a learning and career pathway for a Supervisor
  2. Identify the responsibilities and role of a Team Leader
  3. Explain the purpose of a Team and the importance of motivating a Team
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of how to participate effectively in the workplace
  5. Prioritise and manage one’s time through creating and maintaining personal and team task lists
  6. Identify and describe the types of records a Team Leader is required to keep
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of managerial expertise in relation to planning, organising, leadership, control and discipline, decision making and problem solving
  8. Explain the importance of managing personal finances and budgeting, and explain how these relate to the business environment
  9. Engage in effective communication within the workplace
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of supply and demand, and the concept of production, and related Work Study concepts